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roofing being installed front porch added
New roofing being installed. Added an "A" gable on front with vinyl staircase railings.
screened porch addition screened porch addition
Exterior view of screened room addition. Another exterior view of the screened room addition.
interior of screened porch interior of screened porch
Interior views of the new screened room. Project completed in 2008.

construction of the basement area addition with basement
Added a 16' x 16' room additon over the new basement area. Room has two 7' x 7' closets and meets ADA constuction guidelines. Notice the new roof meets the existing roof perfectly. This requires alot of technical skill to have the roofs match up as well as the floor of the addition to the existing floor in the home.
room addition room addition
Exterior of the room and basement addition. Job was completed in 2008.