ADA Handicap Accessible

Below is one of the many handicap accessible remodel / additons Spaugh Construction and Remodeling has completed.

accessible addition and remodelWe received a call from a woman in need of assisted living design so their home would accommodate her father who has diabetes and had one of his legs amputated due to his illness. They didn't want to put him in an assisted living facility where he would be away from his family and would have cost $7,500.00 a month. A year in a facility would have cost $90,000.00. Instead of paying this to a facility, they increased the value of their home by , $100,000.00, and improved their quality of live.

Consider the option of increasing the value of your home and enjoying life in your home instead of paying high fees to a facility and losing quality of life.

Spaugh Construction and Remodeling built an addition onto their home that included two bedrooms, two baths with a handicap accessible shower in between, a hallway running from her father's bedroom with easy access to the new accessible bathroom facilities, new sunroom, into the kitchen, access to the deck and down a 30 foot accessible ramp to the driveway. The deck is 800 square feet, the addition totals 800 square feet and we also installed new windows and siding throughout the entire home, added a basement area, installed a new roof, and new gutters. We were able to complete this work in 90 days during the winter.